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A little about my history


Born Clairvoyant and raised in a family with a culture steeped in mysticism, I come from a long line of  Mystics, Healers and Wise-men and women.  Fortunate to be a internationally sought after Tarot Reader who's abilities have been developing since childhood.   My ability to see, feel and know Spirit and energy has been gifted through generations of mediums and seers; our family hails via the islands of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea & Borneo. 


 The Spirits were always revered, welcomed, respected and honored in my family. It has always been a part of our lives and our culture.   The stories were passed down to us and I in turn pass them to my children, nieces & nephews and now grandchildren.   Because mysticism runs so deep in our blood, we are blessed to have many with the Gift in our family.


 I have studied and used various techniques including:  Tasseography (tea leaves), Pendulum Reading, Aura Reading, Encaustic Art and the Tarot for over 40 years.   And within my on-going journey as spiritual coach, in 2020 I was accepted to study and be mentored by 

amazing tutors at the World's Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences, the Arthur Findlay College. 


In 2022 I was pleased and honored to be tasked with working in conjunction with local law enforcement to assist in cold cases.





Vada Beauty

My niece is a talented and natural holistic alchemist.  Certified in Natural Holistic Remedies, Aromatherapy, and using Ayurveda (vada) techniques, Jennifer started Vada Beauty  (pronounced "vey-d-ah") in 2013. 

She started out mostly making bath and body products for herself and the family.   She learned about all the harmful ingredients that can go into some of her most favorite products. Jennifer then decided to continue her studies, taking more Ayurveda, holistic and herbal courses. Her goal was to create a business by making the best natural products she could.

In 2015 she launched Vada Beauty and had a mission to make luscious products that are safe for our body, mind and soul.

Find her at Vada Beauty on Facebook or

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